Post-City Venice Biennale

Small territories had begun a rebellion against domination of major geopolitical powers, loss of identity and overall anemia. They had begun to built ‘walls’ on their borders. These were the walls of infrastructure, architecture and cultivated landscape. They didn’t separate the territories from their surroundings; they were permeable zones, infrastructural junctions that enabled social, economical and intellectual exchange with the neighbours.
The ‘insides’ were preserved as picturesque, natural and cultural landscapes, interconnected with the highly developed traffic infrastructure.

The newly organised territories became ‘soft fortresses’ with gardens of Eden, floating in the waste landscape of Europe.

And they were more and more...

Prispevek v knjigi, ki je izšla ob nacionalni predstavitvi v Luxembourškem paviljonu na Arhitekturnem bienalu v Benetkah.
leto projekta: 2012
tim: Anja Vidic udia, Jure Grohar udia, Aleksander Lužnik mia, Ana Ocvirk-Šafar mia
vizualizacije / foto: Anja Vidic